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As Aden Appraisal

With our experience in the real estate sector; we provide world-class independent, impartial, scientific services in valuation, consultancy, best use survey project valuation, market researc

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As Aden Appraisal

Bağımsızlık-Tarafsızlık-Kurumsal ve Sosyal Sorumluluk – Güvenirlilik – Bilimsellik – Yetkinlik – Gizlilik – Mesleki Özenlilik anlayışıyla hizmet sunmaktayız.

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As Aden Appraisal

With our experience in the real estate sector; we provide world-class independent, impartial, scientific services in valuation, consultancy, best use survey project valuation, market research. In addition, we provide your valuation needs on machinery and equipment with our expert engineer employees who have many years of experience in the sector.

Within the provisions and rules of the Capital Markets Board (SPK), International Valuation Standards (UDS), Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK); we provide services with the understanding of Independence-Impartiality-Corporate and Social Responsibility-Reliability-Scientificness-Competence-Confidentiality-Professional Care.


It was listed on 22.03.2018 in order to provide appraisal services within the framework of the Communique on the Companies to Provide Real Estate Appraisal Services within the framework of the Capital Markets Legislation and the Principles Regarding the Listing of these Companies by the Board.

With the BDDK's decision dated 02.04.2015 and numbered 6255, our company has been authorized to provide appraisal of real estate, real estate project or rights and benefits related to real estate" to banks, pursuant to article 11 of the regulation on the authorization and activities of institutions that will provide appraisal services to banks.

Our company was accepted as a legal entity to the Association of Appraisal Experts of Turkey on 04.05.2018.

Our company was accepted to the list of Licensed Companies in Europe with the status of “Regulated by RICS” by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors “RICS” on 17.02.2020.

Our company was recognized as permanent member to Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Partnership Association on 11.01.2021.

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We are member to “LideBİR- Association of Licensed Appraisal Companies Union, which was formed by the companies giving real estate appraisal service, following being added to list by Capital Market Board.

Appraisal is quite important for the real estate sector and related sectors which is among the developing sectors in our country. When a service is provided for the relevant field by a professional and expert appraisal company, process can proceed more fluently and efficiently. As Aden Değerleme, we offer service with our professional team in the appraisal areas related to Real Estate, Purchase/Sale to Foreign Nationals- Real Estate Valuation for Citizenship Right, Machinery-Equipment, Plant and Other Fixed Assets in accordance with the laws, international standards and regulations in force.

Considering that there is a great demand especially in the real estate appraisal area, our brand render highly developed service in this field. With the experience of many years, it is possible to say that we provide scientific and partial service at world standards. On the other hand, In addition to appraisal processes, we always provide support to you with our expert staff under the subheadings such as consultancy services, project evaluation processes, accurate market research, determining best use surveys.

Our company provides service within the framework of professional attention, competence and scientificness, IVS (International Valuation Standards) in line with the provisions of key institutions in the national sector such as SPK (Capital Markets Board) and BDDK (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) and in the international sector such as Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors-RICS

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