Urban Transformation and Renewal


Urban Transformation or the Law No. 6306 on Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk, which “intends to eliminate the problems that disrupt the fabric of a city, means creating livable cities, and bringing all necessary urban and social reinforcement services to " illegal construction areas and collapsed areas that have expired in the city in Urban renewal projects, in a way to eliminate all possible natural disaster risks, in accordance with standards was published in the Official Gazette on 30 May 2012 and its Regulation was published on 4 August 2012 and entered into force

Aden Değerleme is a professional valuation company licensed by the SPK and BDDK, authorized to prepare valuation reports for real estate located in urban transformation areas declared as risky areas and required to be renewed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Our company provides professional valuation and consultancy services in the field of urban transformation within the scope of risky building value determination, new law amendments and regulation, and urban renewal / transformation, pursuant to Article 15 of the Implementation Regulation of the Law No. 6306. 15. Maddesine istinaden riskli yapı değeri tespiti, yeni kanun değişiklikleri ve düzenlemesi ile kentsel yenileme / dönüşüm kapsamında, kentsel dönüşüm alanında profesyonel değerleme ve danışmanlık hizmetleri sunmaktadır.

  • Preparation of Current Situation Analysis and Value Determination reports,
  • Preparation of Existing Project Goodwill Reports (These are the reports that form the basis of the sharing and distribution model in the new project.)
  • Preparation of New Project (Preliminary Project) Goodwill and Positioning Reports,
  • New Project Price Analysis and Value Determination Studies,
  • Preparation of Comparison Reports between real estate, etc.
  • At the first stage, determinations regarding the current condition of the real estate and goodwill studies should be carried out. It is seen in market research that many developer companies share and distribute based on the current situation in this process. For this reason, the determination of the current situation is considered as the most important step and forms the basis for the sharing model.
  • It is necessary to examine the main immovable, the current zoning status and possible plan changes and take the application sketch.
  • The share ratios between the right holders and the developer should be determined on the architectural project developed.
  • After the detailed market research on the new project is done, comparison of the old and new projects should be made. According to the information obtained from the market, the developer companies make agreements with the right holders over the area (m2) or the value of the real estate (TL). Therefore, these studies should be prepared in a way that will guide distribution and sharing.
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How can we help you?