Aden Gayrimenkul Değerleme ve Danışmanlık A.Ş. was founded on 09/03/2016 in İstanbul by an experienced team who have been in the real estate sector since 2004. Our company, Aden Gayrimenkul Değerleme ve Danışmalık A.Ş. was added to list on 22.03.2018 so as to offer appraisal service within the framework of the “Circular on the Companies to Offer Real Estate Appraisal Service under Capital Markts Legislation and the Principles on Listing these Companies by the Board” Series: VIII, No.35 by Capital Markets Board.

Aden Değerleme is an expert company, which operates across Turkey and in the international area, renders appraisal, development and asset management service.

ADEN Değerleme which respects international standards in the real estate appraisal and consultancy field, whose investments yield result in the projects that it provides service, is one of the important companies that add value to real estate industry with its interdisciplinary course of action.

As Aden Değerleme, it continues its activities with the mission of supporting its customers in their financial decisions regarding real estate and contributing to the development and scientific structure of the real estate appraisal sector, with the valuation reports in international standards prepared by its experienced expert staff.

It maintains its studies with the vision of leading in international area for the real estate appraisal services, which takes an important place for investors to make fast financial decisions in the capital flows of swiftly globalizing world. With the experience in the sector and the team coming from various professional disciplines in appraisal studies, we provide independent, impartial and scientific service at international valuation standards in the appraisal, consultancy, best use survey, project valuation, market researches, infrastructure appraisal, tangible asset appraisals, ship, aircraft appraisal, machinery and equipment appraisal areas.

With the aim of responding in most proper manner to demands of our customers in 81 provinces of Turkey, we try to offer best service to you with our founder, managerial and expert staff who makes a difference with their viewpoint, always follow sectoral development and develop themselves, open to innovation, whose sectoral experience is strong.


As Aden Değerleme, to support the customers in their financial decisions through appraisal reports prepared in international standards, to contribute to develop real estate appraisal sector and to place it on scientific framework.


to lead in international area with innovative approaches by following and analysing developments in real estate sector with the intent of lending assistance to investors to make fast financial decisions in the capital flows of the rapidly globalizing world.

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How can we help you?
How can we help you?