Our Policy


Based on the philosophy of quality, ensuring the functionality of the company
in most effective way within the team spirit, and achieving its goals,

• Identifying approaches that will improve our performance
by reviewing our business processes with self-assessment,

• Encouraging innovative and creative approaches, realizing trainings
that will increase the professional and social development,
quality awareness and technical competencies of our employees,

• By employing individuals who have experience in the sector
and have professional competence, to enable them to successfully
fulfil their responsibilities with supporting elements in their development processes and to
continuously improve,

• Carrying out valuation studies in accordance with generally accepted
Valuation Methods and International Valuation Standards,

• Ensuring the continuous improvement of our Real Estate
Appraisal service quality level, depending on the Quality Management System.

• Maintaining and increasing customer satisfaction by producing fast and
high quality reports to meet the changing market and customer needs,

• Carrying out research and development activities to
improve the real estate valuation sector,

Showing the necessary care and diligence in real estate appraisal activities,
always being independent, impartial, objective, adhering to ethical principles;
is our basic policy.

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How can we help you?
How can we help you?