Machine valuation,the machines in factories and workshops and the equipment of these machines; These are the stages of the valuation made for the process of financial valuation of real estates for production purposes and assets in terms of general nature. Thanks to this stage, the valuation of the machines can be determined in every aspect, and at the same time, reports can be obtained where their values can be determined in order to have a more useful life.

Market-wide valuation has become increasingly important in recent years. In this reporting process, the brands, ages, models, current status, technological state of the products, their economic condition, their quantity, capacity, the quality of their materials, their status in second hand sales can be determined and their position in market values can be determined.

In Which Sectors Machine Valuation Work Is Made? 

  • Industrial facilities working for various business lines,
  • In cement plants,
  • Iron and Steel production facilities,
  • In shipyards and ports,
  • In water filling facilities,
  • In tourism facilities,
  • On work machines,
  • In energy production facilities,
  • On yachts and ships both domestically and abroad,
  • In treatment facilities,
  • Health facilities,
  • Fuel stations and fuel filling facilities,
  • In trains and vehicles,
  •  Machinery valuation studies are carried out in fish production facilities and reports are made in order to make tangible fixed assets more efficient in terms of useful life.

What is the Purpose of Valuation? 

The purpose of machine valuationis to undergo a determination process in order to clearly see what the results of the activities of the enterprises with these machines and what the financial situation of the enterprises in question is.

The assets belonging to a business may encounter changes in current value over the years since the first period of establishment of the business. Because the differences that will occur in economic life over time, changes in market conditions and technological developments may cause differences between the current values and book values of the assets. In order to reveal these differences and be evaluated in detail, , a machine valuation report is prepared.

At the same time, in the investments to be made in the industrial field, as the need to evaluate the loans within the scope of the investment project and to put the fixed assets within the company into the valuation process in time after the investment process is over, valuation services become more and more important for businesses every day.

How to Make Machine Valuation?

Since the valuation to be made is carried out on the equipment, the expert who will make this valuation must deal with many details and analyze the data carefully. Within the scope of the machine valuation process, each stage has its own detailed inspection processes. For example; First of all, macro qualifications are determined by making a field visit to the place where the appraisal will be made in order to make the determinations. These are processes such as limited raw material resources, the total capacity of the facility, the relation of the facility with its environment, the detailed examination of the property information, the determination of the efficiency of the facility, the examination of the usage periods and rights related to the land.

Within the scope of examining more micro qualities, the analysis processes are completed by determining the models, brands, capacities, serial numbers, and the state of the machines to be evaluated.

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How can we help you?