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With our experience in the real estate sector; we provide world-class independent, impartial, scientific services in valuation, consultancy, best use survey project valuation, market researc

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Our company, with its team trained in different professional disciplines in valuation studies and its experience in the real estate sector, provides independent, impartial and scientific services in international valuation standards in the fields of valuation, consultancy, best use survey, project valuation, market researches, infrastructure valuations.


  • Parcels and Lands
  • Commercial Buildings (bureau, office, shop, store, building, site … etc.)
  • Residential buildings such as residence, villa, detached house, vineyard, farmhouse
  • Waterside Residence, Mansion, Manor House and Historical Property Appraisal Real Estate Valuation
  • Shopping Centers and Markets
  • Administration and Trade Centers
  • Plaza, Business Centers
  • Accommodation Facilities such as Hotel, Holiday Village, Hostel etc.
  • Marinas and Ports
  • Fuel Stations
  • Health Facilities such as Hospitals, Health Complexes, Polyclinics
  • Appraisal of Factories and Production Facilities, Workshops and Manufacturing Plants
  • Industrial Sites, Organized Industrial Zones, Integrated Facilities, Factories, Depots and Warehouses, Ateliers and Workshop
  • Logistics Use Buildings
  • Sports Centers, Hippodromes, Stadiums, Theatre, Indoor Sports Halls, Fitness Centers
  • Appraisal of Educational Facilities such as Special Education Facilities, Universities, Schools, Kindergartens and Nursery Schools, Student Dormitories
  • Recreational facilities
  • Recreation areas (Amusement Facilities and Theme Parks, Restaurants, Promenades, Buffets, Religious Facilities, Picnic Areas, Game and Sports areas, Congress and Fair centers)
  • Airports
  • Ports, storage and loading facilities
  • Station and station facilities
  • Mines, sand quarry and quarries, mine sites
  • Ship, yacht, cruiser
  • Hydroelectric Power Plant Appraisal
  • Wind Power Plant Appraisal
  • Solar Power Plant Appraisal
  • Aircraft Appraisal
  • Rental Value Determination (It covers the rental value determination of the real estate to be rented or leased, the valuation of the real estate in the portfolio owing to the renewal or extension of the lease agreements of the rented real estate.)
  • Determination of the Right of Construction Value (Detection of legal situations related to the right of construction of movable and immovable properties, rights and a group of goods)

One or more valuation approaches may be used to arrive at a valuation defined on an appropriate value basis. The three approaches defined and explained in this framework are the basic approaches used in valuation.

These methods are;

  • Market Approach
  • Income Approach
  • Cost Approach.

In real estate appraisal studies of buildings such as residences, villas, etc. used for real estate appraisal studies and commercial properties such as offices, offices, shops, etc., market approach (peer comparison) is predominantly used.

The use of cost approach is very beneficial in properties such as industrial facilities. However, the issue to be considered in industrial facilities is the determination of machinery, equipment and production line values ​​that may have values ​​above the building and land values. For this reason, in addition to considering different items such as land, building, machinery and equipment separately by working together with our experts in different education and specialization disciplines, variables such as the production capacity of the operating facility, market share, incentives benefited, distance to raw material and market are also taken into account.

In appraisal studies of income generating commercial properties such as Plazas, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Class A and B office buildings, appraisal of properties with a market approach is very difficult. The number of properties that can set a one-to-one precedent for the subject immovable is generally very small and it is not possible to adjust them in terms of quality. For this reason, in addition to researching market sales and rental values ​​in income-generating property valuations, value determination is made by making cash flow calculations with the income method. In addition, the detailed analysis of the demographic and socio-economic structure of the region where the income-generating commercial properties are located, the technical characteristics of other similar real estate in the region, the monthly rental figures, the socio-economic environment they address and the occupancy rates constitute the mainstays of the study.

The income method is used as the main valuation system in the appraisal studies to be carried out for the Hotel, Resort Hotel, Golf Hotel, Spa, Apart Hotel, Motel, Holiday Village, Pension, Entertainment Centers and Marinas, etc., which are evaluated within the scope of touristic facilities. In addition to the regional, physical and technical characteristics of touristic accommodation facilities, items such as cost per room and income items, occupancy rate, extra activity income and operating expenses are the most important factors taken into account.

In the valuation studies of immovable such as Hospitals, Polyclinics, Health Centers, Health and Sports Centers, Schools and Classrooms, which are invested by the public or private sector, in addition to the precedent sales that constitute the market value, the investments made by the private sector are evaluated as rental properties and from this perspective, cash flow analysis is required.

Recreation areas are generally designed to meet the needs of the province or district, and the examinations and analyses to be made in the valuation study should cover the whole city. It may be necessary to use all valuation methods together for these properties whose scope of research is wide. It is especially important to determine the value of the land while valuing the recreational areas planned on large-area plots. In addition, many criteria such as its location, population of the region, and the age range it addresses are important factors taken into account in the valuation analysis.

It is extremely important for Aden Değerleme to pay attention to the following issues, which are indispensable for our independence, impartiality and scientific principles that we undertake in market research on real estate. As Aden Appraisal açısından son derece önemlidir.

  • Meticulous and detailed market research on real estate
  • Market research by ignoring the identities of property owners, correctly determining their rights and examining them with an independent eye
  • Investigating the accuracy of data obtained from different sources related to market research and analyzing in detail
  • Aiming to reach real buying and selling prices away from speculative sensations and determining the sales/renting capability correctly
  • Determining the Sales / Rental capability of the subject real estate under normal market conditions, revealing the factors that will affect the real estate
  • Dealing with market research from different perspectives
  • Determination of properties similar to the subject immovable within the scope of market research and comparison with the subject immovable
  • Interpreting the relevant market in today's conditions by making use of past data and our professional experience

In real estate exchange, determination of purchase and sale prices, loan transactions for real estate collateral, measurement of valuation for rental purposes, insurance transactions, it is needed in transactions such as tax and expropriation for public benefit.

Employed full-time by the real estate appraisal company to make real estate valuation in the appraisal staff or providing appraisal services from outside by signing a contract; Real persons who have at least 4 years of university degree,at least 3 years of experience in real estate valuation and who have aGayrimenkul Değerleme Lisansıissued by the Board are called"Real Estate Appraisers"..

For Land and land owners, owners of commercial buildings (offices, offices, shops, buildings, sites, etc.), owners of residential buildings such as residences, villas, detached houses, shopping centers, management and trade centers, plazas, hotels, accommodation owners of all immovable assets such as hospitals, polyclinics, and for those who want to buy. 

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How can we help you?