The urban transformation law issue, determining the risk values of a part of the city or a large part of the city or a parcel against possible earthquakes, taking into account the possibility of collapsing in the event of an earthquake and damaging other structures in the surrounding area, constructing structures with bearing systems suitable for the structure of the ground instead of the building, minimizing the loss of life and property in possible earthquakes, it including all public works carried out to eliminate the building problems that cause disturbances in the fabric of the city.

Transformation decision and process; The service that provides detailed steps such as determining the existing and post-distribution rights of the real estates owned by the beneficiaries and the parties involved in the renewal process and the real estates to be formed within the scope of a new project, preparation of valuation reports, and the ways to follow in the legal process is called valuation and consultancy service in the urban transformation process. 

In today's world, where we have started to hear this concept frequently, especially in metropolitan areas, renovation works are carried out within the scope of the law issued by the state in order to obtain more modern and more livable areas in terms of appearance. Processes such as demolishing and transforming structures such as shanty houses to adapt the image to urban arrangement, preventing illegal construction, demolishing buildings with disaster risk and building new buildings in the required standards are among the services that receive consultancy within the scope of urban transformation.

As Aden Appraisal Company, we, as Aden Appraisal Company, prepare the appraisal reports of real estates, which have been shown as an obligation by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, in urban transformation lands determined as risky areas, as an institution with BRSA and CMB licenses. Our company provides professional valuation and consultancy services in the field of urban renewal in accordance with the new law amendments, the valuation of risky buildings in accordance with the 15th article of the law numbered 6306 within the scope of valuation and consultancy services in the urban transformation process.


First of all, the current situation analysis and valuation reports of the real estate to be evaluated in the urban transformation process are prepared. After this report, the "Existing Project Goodwill (meaning Reputation Value) Report" is prepared, which shows how the sharing and distribution model will be in the new project to be created.

Afterwards, goodwill reports for the new project are prepared and at the same time, price analysis and valuation studies are carried out for the new project. Comparison reports of real estates across the region are prepared.

These processes we have mentioned are very important throughout the market. When we look at the general of the companies that do developmental studies on the subject, it is seen that they share and distribute on the valuation reports. Therefore, due diligence emerges as the most important step. Current zoning status of immovables, possibility of plan change, etc. needs to be handled carefully.

In the next stage, the sharing rates between the beneficiaries and the developers of the architectural project developed on the data obtained are determined. Detailed market research on the new project is made and the new project is compared with the old project. In the light of the information gathered, agreements are made between the developer companies and the right holders over the area or on the value. Thus, the valuation and consultancy processes are completely completed in the urban transformation process. 

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How can we help you?