Appraisal and Public Use Processes for Expropriation Purpose

The concept of expropriation means the seizure of immovable owned by other persons, provided that payment is made for the easement rights, which public administrations need in order to carry out their public duties and initiatives that they are obliged to perform in accordance with the law.

In order for the expropriation to be realized, the administrative units must go through the approval process to the top management bodies in the Expropriation Law. The process of preparing and approving the services to be realized for the approved special plan projects or zoning plans for the public interest should also be passed.

After the expropriation decision is taken, it is absolutely essential to make an appraisal for expropriation purpose in order to accurately determine the investment costs of the current project and to make its feasibility. After the appraisal to be made, the project, which is included in the appraisal process for expropriation purposes, enters the exchange process between the parties and enters the price determination within the framework of the "Principles değerleme süreciof Determination of the Expropriation Value".

How Do Appraisal Processes for Expropriation Purpose Proceed?

First of all, within the scope of the public appraisal process process to be passed, the court committee and the appraisal expert go to the area where the immovable to be expropriated and reports are prepared on the following items;

·         Determining the type of area to be expropriated

·         Determining the type of area to be expropriated

·         Determination of surface area with net figures

·         Examining the tax return, if any

·         Evaluating the situation by determining all the qualities that will cause the immovable to lose or increase in value.

·         Examination of the appraisal of the real estate determined by the official authorities

·         Determination of the construction cost calculations of the building

·         Identification of the depreciation of the real estate

·         Calculating what kind of net income the current use will bring, depending on the location and condition of the building subject to expropriation.

·         Determining the factors that are effective in determining the value of the immovable and calculating how effective these factors will be, if any

·         If a land appraisal is made, determining the sales value that will be a precedent in the conditions before it is introduced in the expropriation process

As a result of the reports and statements to be prepared as a result of the determination of all these items, a appraisal report that will comply with the appraisal standards accepted by the Capital Markets Board can be prepared by the appraisers.

In terms of appraisal conditions for public purposes, situations such as the increase in value of the real estate after the expropriation process and the change in the use of the real estate afterwards are not taken into account for reporting.

Appraisal and Public Use Processes for Expropriation Purpose
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