The real estate management and project consultancy service that property owners need in the real estate market enables very successful works to be done as long as the process is meticulously and carefully from the beginning to the end. In summary, the part we call real estate management is to determine how to make the properties acquired for investment purposes the most profitable for real estate owners through professional studies.

At a point where investors cannot think in detail and without knowing the sector, assistance can be obtained from companies and individual experts who are in the real estate market and manage the management part well. In this way, thanks to this assistance, both the market dynamics are more dominated, if there is a tenant in the property or if it is sought, it is ensured that these processes can be evaluated better financially, in any problem related to the property, the property owner can take the right legal steps; In short, success is achieved in real estate management processes, both legally, financially and reparatively.

When managing real estate over a real estate;

  • What is the demographic structure of the region where this property is located,
  • Socio-economic status,
  • The market research,
  • Financial analysis,
  • Analyzing the supply-demand situation of the region
  • Real estate type as the most suitable investment tool in the region,
  • Studies on feasibility,
  • Determining which real estate type will be the best investment tool,
  • Examining the audience interested in investment in the region,
  • Analyzing the infrastructure projects under construction in the region,
  • The management process is continued by conducting detailed research on items such as researching the rental and operating income received in the region in general and their related subtitles.

What Does Real Estate Project Consultancy Cover?

Real estate project consultancy processes are known as the most important processes for both the investor, developer and user of a property in many ways. Determining the technical, social, economic, financial and legal status of the real estate and making more detailed analyzes are within the scope of these consultancies.

The project design process of a real estate has a multiple structure, primarily in the form of developing this project, presenting it as an idea, analyzing, completing its implementation, and bringing together the factors that will continue to be developed after implementation. In the project consultancy, there are institutions and consultants who are familiar with the relevant legislation and know the application principles within the scope of the project appraisal studies.

There are some situations that are important for both the investor and the developer while making real estate project valuation. Because according to the importance of some factors, investors decide whether they want to take part in these projects. Accordingly, conducting feasibility analyzes regarding real estate, showing how long the return of the investment to be made will be with the investor, what kind of profit it will provide, whether the project is suitable for the demands of the target audience, how efficient the project will be or how feasible the planned project will be analyzes are mentioned.

In the real estate management and project consultancy business, it is known that applying to the Real Estate Appraisal Expert Uzmanı consultancy facilitates the investor and decision processes.

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How can we help you?