It is very important to benefit from real estate market analysis and consultancy services in the process of investigating any investment to be made in the real estate market and the situation that will be the main subject of this investment.

Market analysis to be made; Before the investment process, collecting information about the region, situation or product that will be subject to investment, compiling detailed intelligence, determining the profit it will bring, revealing the possible risks, collecting information about the competing investors interested in the subject, collecting information about the interested customers. It is about bringing all of these together and analyzing them and making a final decision on the investment based on the results.

 The real estate market researches we mentioned are of great importance for every investment, big or small, for the real estate market. Both the service to be received in the direction of analysis and the consultancy service that will support the investor person or institutions in all areas on these issues contribute greatly to the planned investments to reach the targets.

In Which Areas Is Real Estate Market Analysis Performed? 

Research areas included in the market analysis to be made in the field of real estate can be summarized as follows;

  • Analyzing the area subject to investment
  • Examining in detail the parts of the projects that are planned to be invested or implemented, where they can generate large-scale income, and develop ideas
  • Detailed analysis of the targeted market need
  • Determining which type of real estate investment such as residence, office, commercial area, residence is decided by making the most appropriate planning in the determined area
  • Creating reports where the strengths and weaknesses of the investment we call "Swot", which is among the elements of real estate market analysis, are determined and the opportunities that may arise are evaluated.
  • Listing of the investments that can be shown as equivalent to the specified investment area from multiple aspects and listing the deficiencies, differences they create or the extra opportunities that may occur afterwards.
  • Determining the balance of supply and demand of the region subject to investment
  • Determining the potential, socio-economic status of the customers belonging to the region
  • Examining the status of the secondary market of the region
  • Examination of factors such as rental yields and business returns for previously constructed real estates in the region to be subject to investment

The Importance of Real Estate Consulting Service 

Real estate consultancy service enables the valuation analyzes that we have just mentioned to be performed professionally by companies and experts who have years of experience in their field. The biggest advantage of investor institutions and individuals to get this service is that they invest their investments in the right time; They enable them to do it in the right area and with the highest profit margin.

Since every investor's desire is to make reliable and sound investments, as Aden Appraisal, we offer you productivity-enhancing and new returns in our consultancy services in the real estate field in order to ensure that you make the right investments and manage your investments in the most accurate way. However, with the reports we have prepared, it is much easier to expand your investment portfolio and to make you more successful.

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How can we help you?
How can we help you?